Sodium Percarbonate

In 2001, OCI Chemical began manufacturing a highly effective oxygen-based bleach called sodium percarbonate (PC, or sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate) in Decatur, Alabama. Today, this state of the art facility can produce 64,000 metric tons of sodium percarbonate. This product, named Provox® for its ability to provide oxygen, is formed by adding the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide to a granular solid base of sodium carbonate (soda ash). Provox can be used as a bleach or oxidizer for the many applications which require or prefer product in powder or tablet format. Research leading to the development of PC dates back to the 1960’s when European laundry detergent manufacturers and formulators sought to identify a safer, less harsh bleach component for their products that was more environmentally friendly than the standard chlorine based bleaching ingredients available at the time. Sodium perborate, a precursor to PC, was developed in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but health concerns regarding human exposure to boron (a main ingredient in sodium perborate) drove preference to the safer, less hazardous oxygen bleach, sodium percarbonate. Since the 1990’s, powder oxidizer products have rapidly transitioned from both chlorine and perborate to percarbonate worldwide. Use of this bleaching ingredient has continued from its roots in Europe to North America and is now being used in Asia. Its use is also widely seen in the developing areas of South America, the Middle East and Africa.


Applications for sodium percarbonate include:

  •   Dry Laundry Detergents
  •   Automatic Dishwashing Detergents (both powdered and tablets)
  •   Personal Care (including toothpaste, denture cleaning tablets and dental bleaching products)
  •   Hard Surface Cleaners (including deck cleaners, scouring powders, drain cleaners and hot tub/swimming pool tablets)
  •   Pulp Processing
  •   Water Treatment
  •   Disinfectant
  •   Mold Remediation
  •   Water and Soil Remediation
  •   Oxygen Generation

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